Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident, they can be more serious than any other type of injuries, according to Las Vegas Accident Attorneys. In fact, there are more deaths due to motorcycle accidents than any other type of vehicle accident injuries.
There are many different reasons for this. They are smaller & are hidden to most automobiles, and are not as visible to other drivers. This is especially evident on the congested freeways where cars can easily change lanes into them, and are common in Motorcycle Accidents in Las Vegas.

If you are injured in a Motorcycle crash, consult an experienced Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Attorney right away. In fact, the number of Motorcycle Accidents has increased year over year. And the amount of Motorcycle deaths has risen as well. There was a 12 percent increase in motorcycle injury deaths from 2002 to 2003. And there were nearly 67,000 motorcycle injuries from motorcycle crashes in 2003, a 4 percent increase over the prior year.

Even though, motorcycles make up only 2 percent of all vehicles in the U.S, they were SIX times more likely to be injured than someone involved in an automobile accident, and TWENTY SEVEN times more likely to die from a traffic accident than people involved in a car crash.

Why is an Experienced Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer important?

* The injuries sustained from motorcycle accidents are some of the most expensive you can endure

* There is tremendous emotional trauma involved in a cycle crash, sometimes more difficult to overcome than the physical injuries

* Head Injures are the most common & serious because of the vulnerable exposure of the body when riding a motorcycle

* Insurance companies will want to settle with you as soon as possible, often times to their benefit, not yours.

Peter Goldstein is an experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas. His experience and success with motorcycle crash victims help him understand what you are dealing with. There is so much more that a good Motorcycle Accident Attorney will do for you than deal with hospitals, injuries, and insurance companies. Often times, motorcyclists have problems dealing with proving fault in many cases because of the unfair public view of motorcyclists. Call Today

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