Auto Accident Lawyer Las Vegas

Why You Need a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

Let’s face it, Las Vegas Auto Accidents have increased over the past 5 years, because Las Vegas and Henderson have grown over the past 5 years. There are more car crashes in Las Vegas because the freeways have become more congested. Look at the I-15, SR-215, or the SR-95 at any time during rush-hour, and you will see traffic, congestion, and highway construction we didn’t have 5 years ago. Unfortunately, that also means that Consult with an Experienced Las Vegas Auto Accident Lawyer.

If you are injured & need a Car Crash Attorney in Las Vegas, make sure to call someone who is experienced with these cases before talking to anyone – especially the insurance companies. It is in their best interests for you to accept an auto accident settlement as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it often times is NOT in your best interests. Here are some tips & important things to consider when involved in a Las Vegas Auto Accident:

* Don’t talk with anyone about the accident until consulting with your attorney. The things you say to the insurance adjuster, even the police, may be hurt you later.

* You have no idea how serious your injury is. Even though you don’t hurt today, it may not have effects until later down the road.

* Do you need surgery or do you have permanent damage?

* How much attention will I get from my attorney? Am I just another client in a huge Injury firm or will I get the representation I need for MY case?

Las Vegas Automobile Accident Attorney, Peter Goldstein

Peter Goldstein knows a serious Las Vegas Car Accident can change your life. Our experience with Auto Accidents in Las Vegas helps us understand that car accident injuries can affect every aspect of your life. They can affect your to do daily activities, to work and to take care of your children.

Our job is to make insurance companies do their job. And clearly, their job is to pay your accident injury claim and provide the compensation you deserve for the negligence of their policyholder who caused the automobile crash. We do our job aggressively. Most importantly, we have the experience and ability to quickly evaluate your case and any settlement offer the insurance companies offer you.

* Insurance companies are aware of our reputation for never being afraid to go to court:

* We know of the detailed forensics of automobile accidents, and have studied the forces and velocities involved in a crash that accident cases require.

* When we tell your story in front of a judge or jury, we can thoroughly explain your injury and the effect it has had on your life.

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