Pedestrian | Bicycle Accident Lawyer Las Vegas

Statistically, children under age 16 are the most likely to be struck by a car, but elderly victims are the most likely to die as a result of pedestrian or crosswalk accident injuries. Most pedestrian accidents occur on the weekends during the evening hours. Pedestrian accidents in the afternoon increase when daylight savings time is removed in the winter and the sun sets earlier.

Attorney Peter Goldstein is dedicated to representing those who have suffered a loss or disability through in a bicycle accident, crosswalk accident, or pedestrian collision. These cases can be challenging, if not difficult, to pursue. Almost always the insurance company will allege comparative fault or negligence against the accident victim.

You need an experienced pedestrian accident attorney who can successfully defeat the insurance company’s claims of negligence either in court or before a lawsuit is ever necessary.

Often pedestrian and bicycle accidents involve serious, permanent or catastrophic injuries that will need to be adequately proved and successfully negotiated by an experienced personal injury attorney. Attorney Peter Goldstein, an respected California Pedestrian Accident Lawyer, has experienced and the skills to successfully prove the case in court and present the case in a way that will help motivate jurors or the insurance company to award maximum compensation.

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