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People in the United States love animals. Most homes in the United States have pets. Cats are the animals most popular in the United States but the second are dogs. The Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Manufacturers, there are 88.3 million cats and 74.8 million domestic dogs in American homes. People look at these four-legged friends as part of their family.

German Shepherd trained detention humans (bites into training sleeve)

With the growing popularity of pets, the risk of injury from an animal attack is an upward trend. Animal attacks can cause serious injury and even death. It was reported that children are often attacked by domestic animals.

Many cases of animal attacks and claims of dog bite injuries are filed in the courts each year. The following is a list of common reasons for an attack by an animal:

Irritating Dog/Animals
Letting children play with pets, without taking precautions
Dogs escape their owner’s property
Bad Animal

Attacks from animals and dog bites can cause serious injury. The owner may be liable to the victim. If the animal is not confined within the pet owner’s property and the dog attacks a person in a public place, the victim may file charges against the pet owner. The pet owner is responsible for damage caused to the victim.

The basis of attack by animals must be reviewed before being submitted to the court. Expert personal injury lawyers are specialized in cases of dog bites.

It is best to consult a local attorney since laws vary from state to state. A lawyer effectively prepares the plan of action and obtains compensation for the victims.

The following tasks as required of lawyers by law:

Gather evidence and understand other important documents that help to understand how the attack took place
Contact the doctor and the statement of the doctor, who visited the victim
Obtain statements from witnesses who were present on the site
Provide victims of the animal attack a response to questions from judges and lawyers in court

Who can be held responsible for the attacks of animals?

animal attack attorneys

Pet Handlers
Owner of the premise
Parents of children in cases where the owner of a minor

The persons mentioned above can be held responsible for the accident. To identify the substance of the case, the victim should seek medical advice immediately and lawyers so that criminal proceedings may be initiated soon.

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