Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer

These Accidents Can Be Of The Following Types:

* Head on collisions
* Lane change collisions
* Rear end collisions
* Broadside collisions
* Crashes involving stopped or slow-moving trucks
* Right hand squeeze collisions (when a driver attempts to pass truck on the right hand side, not realizing the truck is making a wide right turn)
* Center line crossover collisions
* Jack-knifed trucks
* Loss of control of a vehicle
* Vehicles sliding under tractor trailers
* Loss of control by truck driver
* Hit and run truck accidents

If you have lost a loved one or have seriously been injured in a truck accident then it is important that you take the help of a Los Angeles California truck accident attorney.

How does the Los Angeles California truck accident attorney help?
In most of the cases of truck accidents the root cause is negligence. The drivers are not supposed to drive for more than 10 hours in a day and should have proper license and should be qualified to drive a truck. Besides they are also required to maintain logs about the repair and the servicing of the truck parts and other equipments in the trucks. Besides this the truck should not be overloaded.

When a truck accident occurs in Los Angeles California then the attorney whom you hire would basically check the trucker’s logbook; truck maintenance records; trucker’s driving record; black box data; route taken if a bridge crash is involved and the police report so that they can build a strong case. It is always advised that you should not give any statement to your insurance company as well as the other party’s insurance company regarding the accident unless you have consulted your truck accident attorney. The truck accident attorney would work his or her level best to get the right compensation for his or her client.

Looking For A Los Angeles California Truck Accident Lawyer?

When you start looking for a Los Angeles truck accident attorney then you should start by looking through the phonebook. The phone book contains blue pages where attorneys are listed according to the area of practice. Look into the personal injury section and contact the attorneys or law firms one by one and ask them questions about what cases do they handle and what are their charges, how many cases have they handled and would they take up your case.

You can also get referrals from family members and friends in case they know any personal injury attorney. If you know an attorney other than those handling personal injury cases then you can get referrals from them also. The Los Angeles City truck accident attorneys would not charge fees for initial consultation and most of the attorneys would charge only if you get the compensation. This is called as contingency fees. This means no win no fees. If the attorney does not win the case for you then you are not supposed to pay any fees to the attorney excepting the legal and the court fees.

There are some attorneys who would charge on hourly basis, which means that they would calculate their fees based on the number of hours that they would have spent on your case. There are some attorneys who would charge you on retainer basis where you would have to set up an escrow account from where the attorney can withdraw the money as per the requirement.

Los Angeles California Truck Accident Lawyer

Some of the truck accident attorneys functioning in Los Angeles are mentioned below.

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